NAB Preview: LTN Global

ATSC 3.0 rollout is well underway in the US. In fact, 46 stations are already powering next-generation broadcasting with ATSC 3.0. with those numbers set to increase in 2022 and beyond.

“Ensuring a smooth transition of the new standard will allow media companies to enjoy new revenue streams,” says Rick Young, Senior VP of Global Products, LTN Global. “ATSC 3.0 technology provides better quality content that enhances the TV experience. As a result, the entire media chain will benefit from its capabilities the more companies adopt it.”

Young believes that we are already seeing the benefits of addressable advertising and says the industry can use these early stages as a platform to generate more opportunities. However, creative separation remains a big hurdle.

“Businesses need to navigate several complexities early on, including the programmatic buying process and knowledge of competitors' ads in the ad pod. The right ad signalling solution addresses these challenges by creating key data bridges that enable the communication of critical information about addressable ads in the ad break. Addressable advertising is gaining momentum, and this year will be an important one for it going forward.

“2022 looks set to be the year of strategizing as the industry has shown rapid evolution in just two years,” he adds. “I see one notable trend around content, with significant revenue opportunities. Great content needs to hit the right audiences in the right way and requires media companies to focus on feed customisation, versioning, decoration, and enrichment to drive value in OTT platforms.”

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