Open Broadcast Systems & Zixi Deliver Racing Footage Over 5G At The Le Mans Circuit

Open Broadcast Systems partners with Zixi to deliver low-latency live in-vehicle racing footage over 5G for the VW FunCup at the historic Le Mans Circuit.

The live stream was powered by Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP). The SDVP enables broadcast-quality live video workflows to be delivered at ultra-low latency, intelligently and centrally provisioned, deployed, managed and monitored using software and integrated devices regardless of the underlying network infrastructure.

Open Broadcast Systems’ small form-factor C-100 encoders were used to transmit the onboard racing car video from cars travelling at 120mph (200 km/h). With 5G modems attached to the encoders, they were able to deliver high quality video with glass-to-glass latencies of 250ms in challenging conditions over an eight-hour race. The small form-factor encoders support high-quality, low-latency contribution using low-cost commodity hardware. They are compact, making them easy to fit into tight spaces, as well as being extremely quiet.

“Working with Open Broadcast Systems has made it possible for us to together deliver exciting footage right from the driving seat,” said John Wastcoat, SVP Alliance and Marketing, Zixi. “We have received excellent feedback from the drivers, mechanics and strategists who were incredibly impressed by the quality and low latency of the live stream.”

Kieran Kunhya, Founder and CEO, Open Broadcast Systems, added: “As 5G continues to improve, it is making it possible for customers to experience broadcast quality over mobile networks. This event has proven the possibilities with our small form-factor encoders and 5G networks and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

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