Envoi And Veset Partner To Help Launch Linear Channels

Envoi and Veset have reached a partnership combining their technologies to help service providers launch linear channels for OTT distribution.

Envoi, based in California, is a cloud broadcast and live streaming technology provider for content creators looking to manage streaming TV platforms. Integration with UK based Veset’s cloud-based playout platforms makes it easier for Envoi’s customers to create and manage linear channels and distribute them to multiple platforms. Channels can either be self-managed or supported by the Envoi team. Envoi says its customers will benefit from a holistic offering of VOD, live event streaming and now sophisticated linear ad supported (FAST) or subscription OTT-distributed channels.

The joint package is already being used by Revolt, a US documentary TV company, to stream a wide range of live content aimed at inspiring, educating, and empowering the black leaders of tomorrow. Revolt is also using iconik, a cloud-based storage system, to manage its rapidly growing content library, which can then be fed into Envoi and Veset to add on-demand video content as part of its linear channel line-up.

Nicholas Stokes, CEO, Envoi, commented: “After doing very deep research on the best cloud first solution available, we selected Veset because its cloud playout solutions make it very simple for our customers to distribute professional linear channels to any number of different platforms. This integration will be a powerful addition to the Envoi solution.”

The package gives video content providers an end-to-end video management and distribution system for linear channels.

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