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Veset was among the first to identify that cloud-based playout would provide a vastly more flexible and cost efficient solution for the creation and running of TV channels.

Leveraging the unique expertise gained by Veset since 2011 when it started providing cloud-based playout services to linear TV channels, Veset developed the pioneering “Nimbus Cloud Playout” service, which is a software-only solution that enables broadcasters and playout service providers to get channels on air with not only minimal, if any, up-front investment in playout technology, but with the further benefits of diminished ongoing operational costs.

Having adopted a SaaS business model, Veset enables channel operators large or small to safely and securely launch new channels or replace exiting systems with no upfront capital investment in playout technology. Veset takes seriously broadcast industry standards of reliability and security, and Nimbus Cloud Playout is developed with those standards in mind. Ongoing cloud-based maintenance and support means that the latest technology automatically backs-up and safeguards data against loss due to hardware failure. One of the key advantages is the cloud platform-agnostic principles behind the solution. Veset’s new solution can run on a hybrid, private or public cloud infrastructure depending on the client’s views regarding the pros and cons of alternative architectures. Whilst Nimbus Cloud Playout provides everything needed to create a broadcast grade TV channel, its design and APIs allow for smooth integration with other market-leading specialist broadcast solutions (IP transport, MAM, quality control, etc). Once created on Nimbus Cloud Playout, a UDP feed can be delivered efficiently and securely to satellite headend, cable or CDN via IP network of client’s choice.

Veset’s range includes: Nimbus Ingest, Nimbus MAM, Nimbus Schedule and, of course Nimbus Cloud Playout.

With a full understanding of the many benefits of SaaS technologies and cloud infrastructures, Veset delivers new solutions that address the demand for cost effectiveness, operational flexibility and reliability.