SDVI Sustainability Program Targets Net-Zero Supply Chain

An ambitious new sustainability program will make all usage of the Rally media supply chain platform, going back to the beginning of 2021, completely carbon neutral. The program will also ensure that all SDVI customers benefit from permanent, ongoing carbon offsets for all Rally platform usage, including all third-party media applications used as part of a Rally-managed supply chain.

“Our responsibility to the environment and to our customers is to ensure that we are operating every aspect of our business in a sustainable and accountable manner,” said Larry Kaplan, president and CEO of SDVI. “Our sustainability program has been designed to ensure that the emissions associated with running our business, as well as the emissions associated with the supply chains that our customers are managing with the Rally platform, are fully offset. Our sustainability commitment ensures that every one of our customers can build and operate all of their media supply chains knowing that the associated carbon impact is being mitigated for them.”

Effective Jan. 1, SDVI began reporting and offsetting the carbon footprint associated with providing the Rally platform service to its customers going forward, including the operation of all third-party application services under Rally management.

SDVI will begin providing regular reporting of carbon emissions associated with operating the Rally platform to each customer, along with evidence of the SDVI-sponsored carbon offsets.

As soon as practical, and no later than Dec. 31, 2022, SDVI will calculate, report, and offset the carbon footprint associated with the company’s Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions as defined by the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

“In addition to the comprehensive program we are implementing now, we are also going to offset the carbon impact associated with all Rally platform usage by our customers in 2021,” continued Kaplan. “Our customers will have peace of mind knowing that their use of our platform, both in the past and going forward, contributes to a more sustainable future.”

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