RTVC Brings News Inhouse With Dalet

Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia (RTVC), Colombia’s national radio and TV public channel, has chosen Dalet Galaxy five to facilitate its end-to-end news operation.

 Based in Bogotá, RTVC had outsourced its entire news production and distribution operation to a third-party. In 2020, the government approved a project to strengthen the infrastructure, information sourcing and news production in house under RTVC’s direction and mission, giving the broadcaster full creative control over story development and distribution.

The design and installation, which was led by system integrator NYL Electrónica, features capabilities to manage source materials and production including wires, news story planning and development, editing and graphics, and delivery. The underlying Dalet MAM centralizes content for efficient access, while the core orchestration engine automates the story-centric workflow enabling a friction-free flow of content.

Carlos Raúl González Martínez, supervising transmission engineer, RTVC, noted, “The Dalet newsroom solution has extensive capabilities that we are able to perfect into a workflow for our specific needs. We also had the support of Dalet to help us define that workflow. This was extremely important because above all for RTVC, it was Dalet’s 20 years of experience that helped create a brand-new news environment with a new team. Beyond the learning curve, there were many factors we needed to take into consideration as we designed the very best workflow for our editors, graphic designers and playout. Thanks to their sound guidance, we have a highly reliable and responsive platform for what we need today that will support us into the future.”

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