Codemill Introduces Audio Workspace To Its Validation Solution

Codemill says it has improved its Quality Control (QC) and content review solution, Accurate.Video Validate, by introducing a separate audio workspace within the application. This new workspace feature also broadens the future UI configuration potential for Validate.

The new feature introduces the ability to manage all audio tasks in a separate workspace within Codemill's Validate. It provides a detailed time-based overview of all sounds within a media asset, incorporating the interactive timeline to identify frame-accurate errors. Within the workspace, users can select the required stereo track to alter language, mute sounds, and change desired output routing. Users can quickly switch between workspaces using hotkeys within the application.

Accurate.Video Validate is designed for collaborative professional media workflows with time-based metadata in mind. The browser-based application is used by technical operations teams for QC and review tasks and supports frame accurate playback of video. It allows users to quickly spot check content, add manual markers, review Auto-QC report metadata, as well as AI/ML analysed data.

Simon Bergmark, CPO, Codemill, commented: “The audio workspace is an exciting development for Accurate.Video Validate. Following feedback from customers earlier this year, we wanted to offer additional features for those who had requested more without impacting the users who were happy with the platform. Users can configure the workspace to their individual needs meaning the UI can be optimised for different use cases.”

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