Caton Technology Shows IP-based CatonNet Video Platform

The Singapore based manufacturer will also present its Caton Transport Protocols family of IP transmission technologies.

Major content creators, broadcasters, satellite operators and service providers are among the users of CVP, which provides a fully managed IP network employing Caton Transport Protocols for highly resilient and secure connectivity. Designed to ensure exceptional real-time transport of high-quality video and data even under the strictest service level agreements, CVP gives customers the ability to deliver video to subscribers locally, regionally and globally while benefiting from significant cost savings compared to traditional network services. The low latency, high-security service is also designed for maximum flexibility, ranging from occasional usage to end-to-end networks with long-term contracts and managed SLAs up to 99.999%.

A foundational element of the CVP service, the Caton Transport Protocols (CTP), will also be showcased at IBC. Developed from the CatonEngine, CTP comprises a series of IP transmission technologies developed to ensure stability, quality and security for video, media and other data transmissions. CTP utilises more than 30 in-built algorithms and deep learning approaches to smooth and mitigate network challenges. Patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss are another headline benefit of CTP, which is an ideal technology for live streaming of high value content where quality, security and real connections are paramount. Beyond video CTP is also finding favour with enterprises and services providers for fast file/data transfer.

Caton Technology will also be inviting visitors to find out more about partner service ArkHub, which offers a low-cost cloud storage service with secure, durable and flexible storage for data backup and archiving. ArkHub allows users to store data at a monthly storage cost with no additional charges for ingress or egress, no early deletion/embargo fees, and no region fees. There is no discrimination between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ data, whilst ArkHub Web Connect enables improved workflow efficiency by archiving and transferring data files simultaneously.

The vendor will also showcase two encoder/decoder products: Caton Prime, which is designed for 4K production, and Caton Live, which is geared towards HD. 

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