Net Insight Continues Recovery With Top Tier North American IP Workflow Contract

Swedish media transport technology vendor Net Insight has continued its revival by winning a $900,000 order from an unnamed North American tier 1 service provider.

This is the largest order to date for media workflow automation products acquired through Net Insight’s acquisition of an IP virtualization portfolio from Aperi in March 2020 for $1.2 million. Aperi, also based in Sweden, was one of the first companies to bring software-based real-time IP media processing with virtualization into live production.

Most of the deployment will occur during the rest of 2021 but no other detail was provided. The Aperi products are aimed at automating aspects of IP workflows using Net Insight’s media transport products, such as its Nimbra 1000 and Nimbra Edge. The Aperi line was acquired to expand and elaborate the product line as Net Insight refocused on its core strengths in media transport.

“To date, this is the largest Aperi order since the acquisition and proof of how competitive and appealing Aperi and our IP product portfolio is,” said Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight. “Now, we look forward to supporting our customer with the rollout of their new IP media network.”

Net Insight grew up as a provider of media transport systems with its Nimbra range. But then it developed a second string to its bow in low latency OTT distribution and synchronization with broadcast, coming out with its Sye brand. At the time, OTT low latency transport was in its infancy and Sye gained some traction, making a splash at IBC 2016, although with only a few customers named. One of those was Mediatech, for delivery of a live sports service in Hong Kong.

The Sye technology did attract attention from two major cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. This eventually provided a lifeline because Net Insight had realized that its core strengths lay in media transport and that OTT delivery was becoming a distraction. In the end Amazon itself made Net Insight an offer it could not refuse, acquiring Sye for $37.2 million in December 2019.

Net Insight has since spent this windfall sparingly, the Aperi acquisition using up only a small proportion of this cash and providing a return on investment sooner than had been anticipated. This reflects good progress integrating the Aperi technology with the Nimbra portfolio, with benefits on the production side for live sports, news and entertainment in particular. The main advantage lies in being able to deploy virtualized infrastructure with automation, without having to rely on bespoke development of software drivers.

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