Nemeton TV And MSTV Deliver Pre-Season Football Over 4G

Open Broadcast Systems has worked with MSTV Live Broadcasting and Nemeton TV to deliver pre-season football matches from major Russian football teams via 4G to satellite. The first match was successfully delivered on 28th June.

MSTV is working to deliver live coverage of all pre-season matches for FC Dynamo Moscow, FC Spartak Moscow, and FC Zenit. The matches, taking place in Austria, are being contributed live by MSTV using a 4G mobile connection. The feeds are then delivered to Ireland-based production company, Nemeton TV, where they are uplinked to satellite for distribution to broadcasters.

The feeds are delivered by MSTV to Nemeton via IP. An OBE C-100 from Open Broadcast Systems is at both ends to encode and decode the live feed. The OBE C-100 supports high-quality, low-latency sport, news and channel contribution. Open Broadcast Systems recently added 5G support across all of its encoder and decoder products.

The Zixi platform enables cellular networks to be bonded together to provide an alternative to 4G transport whenever 4G is not available. According to Zixi, its tech bonds availability together, allowing the sharing of bandwidth between multiple signals including 5G networks, as well as providing a failsafe in the case of failure of one or the other, ensuring contribution or distribution from nearly any location with 99.999% reliability.

Krunoslav Petric, Head of Production, MSTV, commented: “We have worked with Open Broadcast Systems for a large number of live productions and the result has always been flawless. It has the right level of expert knowledge and understanding to enable the right setup for every situation and knowing that the team is monitoring the feed remotely gives us extra peace of mind.”

Fiachna Mac Murchú, Technical Systems Manager, Nemeton TV, added: “Open Broadcast Systems is leading the way with innovative solutions that enable next- generation broadcast solutions, no matter the platform and distribution methods required. The combination of that together with Zixi’s cutting edge bonding solution makes for seamless contribution and distribution from anywhere.” 

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