Igolgi’s Blazar Boasts Transcode Speeds Up To 100x Real-Time

Blazar streamlines workflows in facilities requiring traditional bulk transcoding at extremely high speeds, just-in-time transcoding to generate single or multiple profile, and dynamic ad insertion.

Blazar, launched by igolgi, is claimed as one of the fastest transcoding engines available, thanks to COTS industrial-grade components and igolgi-designed codecs with advanced algorithms. Each 1 RU chassis enables 20X real-time transcoding. The orchestration software enables 5 chassis (only 5 RU) to transcode material 100 times faster than real-time.

Designed for bulk transcoding of any content, a two-hour movie or program can be transcoded in one minute and generate multiple profiles and pre-segmented transcoder outputs ready for packaging or delivery. For syndicated programs, all segments, breaks and time code remain intact.

“We developed Blazar because limited bandwidth and storage capacity is becoming a constraining factor in some facilities”, says Dr. Kumar Ramaswamy, igolgi president. “Having blazingly fast transcode speeds can be a boon to anyone who does bulk transcoding.”

For VOD applications, users don’t need to store multiple profiles in advance – they can create only the highest bandwidth profile and let Blazar create all lower bandwidth profiles on the fly as requested. Storing only the highest bandwidth profile reduces storage requirements by 50-65%.

Because of its unique architecture and Orchestrator/Worker nodes, Blazar scales infinitely by simply adding more GPU resources. Performance limit is hindered only by input stream capacity.

Jeff Cooper, CEO, added: “Our advanced in-house design capabilities and many years’ experience in compression technology have enabled us to design a truly innovative, easy to operate product with high reliability.” 

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