Globecast Launches OTT Platform With Viaccess-Orca And MainStreaming

Orange subsidiaries Globecast and Viaccess-Orca have teamed up with Italian video streaming technology provider MainStreaming to launch an end-to-end OTT platform.

The new platform comprises an app and associated backend infrastructure.

The platform’s workflow is similar for both linear and VoD content. For the former, Globecast, a media services company providing aggregation, formatting, transmission and distribution technology, encodes feeds in line with customer requirements. The feeds are then delivered to a backend for transcoding operated by MainStreaming, a Milan based developer of video streaming technology including an API library along with software for content tracking KPI management and analytics. After transcoding, streams are managed by Viaccess-Orca’s TV Platform as a Service (TVaaS). Viaccess-Orca is Orange’s subsidiary specializing in content protection and TV service personalization.

Similarly in the case of VoD, content is handled by Globecast via a web portal supplied by MainStreaming. After receiving the on-demand files, MainStreaming encodes them into specific resolutions and bitrates before feeding them to the Viaccess-Orca TVaaS. Content delivery to end users is then handled by MainStreaming’s IMDP (Intelligent Media Delivery Network) service.

IMDP is designed to give broadcasters or service providers centralized control over a distributed streaming process comprising both private and public nodes if required. It is based on MainStreaming’s Synapse x10, a 3U rack unit that can be centrally managed via MainStreaming Media Manager, a tool to define and manage virtual IMDP over a mixture of global and private delivery nodes.

“Globecast is the primary point of contact, providing a clear and simple way for customers to reach out,” said Alessandro Alquati, its Managing Director in Italy. “This allows them to focus on their core business while we handle the end-to-end technical aspects.”

Antonio Corrado, founder and CEO at MainStreaming, added: “I believe this app allows media companies to accelerate their streaming transformation. We are proud to facilitate this change with our IMDP Service, the first video delivery platform designed for video streaming with sustainability in mind.”

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