Studio Berlin Ramp Up Replay Capability With Grass Valley’s LiveTouch

Grass Valley LiveTouch replay and highlights system will become a key element of Studio Berlin’s upgraded live production workflow.

The deployment sees the German production services provider expand its existing Grass Valley ecosystem with upscaled replay and highlights capability by adding 48 UHD HDR sQ server channels and 15 new LiveTouch panels supporting major live events, sports and autoracing.

Studio Berlin provides production services for primetime television content, such as live sports, entertainment shows and current affairs programming. The LiveTouch system delivers unmatched multi-angle capabilities and opens up collaborative workflows via virtual shared storage. Using LiveTouch, operators can edit files while they are still being created – without the need for file transfers – saving valuable time.

The new, flexible system, will be designed in a way that it can be used as a single large replay system, or as separate units across Studio Berlin’s OB trucks as needed.

“Today, audiences demand high quality live content. Action-packed sport events have become much more attractive by leveraging instant replays of every angle of the action” said Studio Berlin’s CTO Matthias Alexandru. “LiveTouch gives us an ultra-fast replay system that is easy to use and has all the power and capability that we required.”

“We have a long history with Grass Valley and have been using its solutions for over 20 years; the team have a deep understanding of how we work and what our needs are,” added Nick Zimmermann, CEO of Studio Berlin.

LiveTouch allows the Studio Berlin team to deliver slow-motion and instant replays quickly and easily, supporting clip creation, editing, metadata entry and playback from a single interface.

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