Interra Systems’ BATON Media Player Now Offers Netflix Presets

Interra Systems’ BATON Media Player (BMP) now offers a set of Netflix presets based on Netflix’s Licensed Delivery Specifications. Using the presets, media professionals can easily play, inspect, and verify audio-video content, enabling them to turn around high-quality content more quickly to content delivery partners.

“We added Netflix delivery presets to BMP to save our customers time and to enable superior content quality and a consistent streaming experience for viewers all around the world,” said Ashish Basu, executive vice president, worldwide sales and business development at Interra Systems.

BMP is a powerful, feature-rich media player for media professionals to play, inspect, and verify audio-video content. BMP supports the industry’s widest range of formats and can easily be integrated with broadcast workflows at any stage for in-depth examination of media, while facilitating collaboration across multiple teams and projects.

The visual and technical information provided by BMP ensures that content looks and plays exactly the way it was intended. Supporting SDI playout, playback support for IMF, HDR, sidecar, and a wide range of audio, video, elementary, and container formats, along with extensive support for closed captions and subtitle formats, BMP offers video professionals one of the most comprehensive media players on the market. BMP is offered both as a standalone media player and as an integrated part of Interra Systems’ comprehensive BATON media QC solution.

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