Clear-Com Release Eclipse HX Version 12.1

Eclipse HX Version 12.1 delivers enhanced IP and wireless capabilities and streamlines use of 5 GHz band for FreeSpeak Edge.

Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Intercom’s latest software update delivers enhanced capabilities for both IP and legacy wireless FreeSpeak systems, increasing the density of IP ports, and supports additional Layer 3 capabilities. EHX 12.1 also features a new 5GHz radio band scanner to assist FreeSpeak Edge users with channel selection.

A benefit for users with both legacy and IP transceivers, the E-IPA card’s capabilities are expanded in this update, with support for E1 ports allowing users to host up to 50 FreeSpeak II beltpacks and up to 10 legacy transceivers from an Eclipse frame. And for those users who require the most extensive IP solution, Eclipse Omega frames can now support up to five E-IPA cards, providing higher density and the ability to deploy a larger mixture of devices on an audio over IP network.

EHX 12.1 also provides users deploying FreeSpeak Edge transceivers with the ability to run a 5GHz radio band scan to easily view and select the channels with the most availability. An easy-to-read colored graph will display channel traffic, and a chart will provide RF scoring, usage and available SSIDs. This tool makes it easier than ever to use the groundbreaking FreeSpeak Edge digital wireless system.

Finally, this new update offers Layer 3 traversing which allows PTP-based devices on different sub-networks to communicate with each other without syncing. This gives V-Series Iris and IP transceiver users much more flexibility in the way they deploy Clear-Com endpoints.

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