Comprimato JPEG2000 Integrated In Interra Baton

Using Comprimato’s JPEG2000 SDK, Interra Systems will include automated testing for 4K content in the next release of its file-based automated QC product, Baton.

“The JPEG2000 decoder SDK from Comprimato is a great solution, both in terms of decoding features and performance," said Saurabh Jain, Director Strategic Partnerships for Interra Systems. “With its undivided attention on this codec, we are assured that Comprimato can deliver the best implementation for any variant of J2K.”

Comprimato’s approach to encoding and decoding high quality video uses the processing power of standard GPUs. “This not only allows real-time processing on industry standard hardware, it also achieves the highest quality at a significantly lower price point than other approaches,” said Jirˇí Matela, founder and CEO. “It also means that the codec can be implemented as a feature of other systems, using Comprimato’s SDK and supportive, collaborative partnership approach.

“Our goal is to maintain our leading position in encoding and decoding, rolling out enhancements as new formats and standards are added,” added Matela. “That way end users are always benefitting from the most efficient and quality-driven services. And with Baton, its customers can be assured that their circuits are performing to their specified service levels, delivering the best possible viewing experience.”

Jain added, “The inclusion of the support for Comprimato J2K SDK in the BATON solution enables high performance decoding and thorough quality analysis for pristine quality video.”

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