Outdoor Channel (Asia) Goes Cloud-Based

Aiming to increase efficiency, Outdoor Channel (Asia) has embraced cloud technology and transferred its Pan Asian and Australian HD feeds to the EVRIDEO next-gen cloud-based playout platform and KLH cloud based BMS solution.

Outdoor Channel (Asia) is combined satellite and IP-distributed to hundreds of pay-TV platforms across Asia and the Pacific with multiple subtitling languages and is the first Asia based channel to take full advantage of the EVRIDEO next-gen cloud-based playout & KLH broadcasting managing system.

Outdoor Channel (Asia) based in Singapore is all about “Real. Life. Adventure.” Dedicated to outdoor lifestyles and entertainment, it is loaded with a first run and exclusive combination of action, adventure and survival programming.

The collaboration between EVRIDEO and KLH brings a significant improvement in operational efficiency. By using API integration and advanced automation tools, Outdoor Channel (Asia) will benefit from reduced manual intervention and managing its entire workflow on one single platform.

The combination of EVRIDEO and KLH allows TV channels to get up and running, manage content and deliver professional grade TV feeds and outputs to any distribution platform such as cable TV, DTH, DTT, IPTV, and OTT. The cloud solution allows broadcasters and content owners to manage both legacy TV channels side by side to new ad-sponsored channels and to better monetize their content assets over new OTT services.

“We were searching for state-of-the-art technology that would improve the operating efficiency of managing multiple feeds as well as to expedite our distribution over the region” says Outdoor Channel (Asia), Managing Director Gregg Creevey. “By embracing the EVRIDEO & KLH platforms we were able to consolidate all content and channel management on a single cloud based platform, making it easy for our team to access and manage content, rights, scheduling and EPG from anywhere in the region”.

“We are excited to work hand in hand with Outdoor Channel (Asia), a leading TV network in the Asia region which joins many other broadcasters, Pay-TV and OTT platforms” added EVRIDEO Chief Revenue Officer, Nir Gilad.

“The successful delivery of Outdoor Channel (Asia) while meeting their localizing and special features requirements as well as the successful integration with EVRIDEO playout, is really exciting as we believe that it brings a significant added value to the channel” says KLH CEO Mr. Micky Kedar.

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