Emotion Systems

Digital workflow experts Emotion Systems introduced the Emotion Engine this year, a user-friendly software engine that has been developed to deliver loudness compliance to all worldwide compliance standards including EBU R128, within a suite of audio solutions designed to meet file-based media (DPP, MXF, QuickTime, AIFF, WAV, LXF, P2) demands with efficiency and accuracy. The Emotion Engine can be used as a manual, standalone or fully automated solution, integrated within an enterprise system.

The Emotion Engine toolset includes loudness compliance, channel remapping, duplication, audio extraction, Dolby® E encoding and Loudness Range adjustment (LRA).

As part of a suite of audio tools, eFF can apply file-based loudness compliance or CALM Act compliance to files and file-based workflows quickly and easily. eFF directly opens a wide range of media files including MXF, QuickTime, WAV, DPP, AIFF, LXF, P2, analyses the audio contained within them and performs loudness normalisation and True Peak compliance – more efficiently than dedicated WAV loudness software. Highly engineered algorithms ensure precise adjustment whilst preserving valuable creative content.

eRAP is part of the audio tools suite from Emotion Systems and it offers fast and efficient manipulation of audio tracks within a media file.

Remap audio tracks and replicate audio tracks within MXF or QuickTime files to create the output audio track layout required, whatever the layout of the input file. Works substantially faster than real-time and is easier and quicker than using a video edit suite or audio workstation. Create a standard output file format from any input file format.