Prodys is a leading manufacturer of digital audio and video codecs for broadcast and communication applications. It has always had an international profile supplying its products to the largest broadcasters in more than 50 countries

Prodys develops its own video and audio compression solutions, which are implemented in its own hardware codecs. As software and hardware developers, Prodys possesses the ability to quickly adapt its products to fast changing markets and individual customer requirements.

Since Prodys launched its first audio codec in 1995, the company has pioneered the audio codecs’s market, manufacturing professional audio codecs over IP from the very beginning. Nowadays, Prodys audio codecs cover all the needs of the broadcast market, with portable and studio units, multicodecs and software codecs working over IP, ISDN or 3G/4G mobile networks. Prontonet family codecs have become a reference in IP audio codecs with more than 10.000 units installed and running all over the World.

Far from being installed comfortably in this position, Prodys has just launched the new Quantum platform, which is destined to set the standard for audio codecs in the future, including audio mixing and processing, file recording and transfer and bonded transmissions through multiple interfaces in a single device.

The most ambitious product from Prodys is Ikusnet, a family of H.264 video codecs for distribution and contribution, providing a video streaming over IP fixed or mobile networks with an unrivalled quality and low delay. Included in this family is Ikusnet ENG, the only portable video codec with bidirectional communications.