Autocue (and QTV teleprompters in the Americas) has been one of the leading providers of teleprompters to the broadcast industry since their introduction in the 1950s. Autocue has the broadest teleprompter range, with tens of thousands of users worldwide, ranging from schools and videographers to high-end broadcasters such as the BBC, NBC, MBC, Doordarshan, TF1 and CNN.

Autocue’s prompting solutions are compatible with all newsroom systems on the market (e.g. AP ENPS, AQ Broadcast, Avid iNews, Dalet, Octopus and others that support the MOS protocol) and are used all over the world by broadcasters, production professionals, government facilities and corporate producers.  Autocue have recently released a range of iPad Teleprompters and iPhone teleprompter solutions.

Autocue’s Master, Professional and Starter Series hardware and software solutions are designed to work with all other manufacturers' solutions.

Teleprompter mounting systems have been designed to work seamlessly with all of the world's leading camera and tripod manufacturers, allowing change of camera and tripod systems without the need to change prompting hardware.

For those that desire a bundled solution, Autocue offer packages with tripods, pedestals, robotics, and lighting. For entry-level requirements, we manufacture and supply everything ourselves, for broadcast level requirements we source product via our strategic relationships with Cartoni, Miller and Shotoku.

Our in-house development team has created specific interfaces between our products and many other broadcast manufacturers’ devices. In many cases we have produced interfaces based on native protocols to ensure maximum flexibility and performance, but we also have extensive experience of connecting to many third-party applications via the MOS protocol.