Audio Wireless

Audio Wireless manufactures a range of radio microphone and communications transceiver systems, designed with extensive input from sound recordists, ENG crews and broadcasters, resulting in a product range reflecting industry best practice.  Products include transmitters, diversity receivers and monitor links, offering switching bandwidths up to 120MHz, with the range configured to minimize frequency allocation changes.

With an ethos emphasising quality in design, performance and service, the heart of the company is a multi-skilled team of engineers, with many decades of experience in the operation, design, and manufacture of radio microphone receiving and transmitting systems. The Audio Wireless world-class R&D team unites audio and RF specialists with software designers and production engineers, resulting in a powerful combination of analogue and digital expertise. The team’s technological expertise is backed by its knowledge of international frequency allocation and licensing, taking the current spectrum changes as a springboard for the new designs.

Based at Elstree Studios in the UK, where its systems are designed, manufactured and tested, Audio Wireless is distributing its products world-wide, through a network of experienced dealers and distributors.

Current products include:

Audio Wireless AWT-1 Transmitter: Territorial freedom, with switching bandwidth up to 120MHz, for crews, camera operators and sound recordists.
Audio Wireless AWDR-1 Diversity Receiver: Small, true-diversity receiver for broadcast, ENG and location recording, with internal or external powering.
Audio Wireless AWMR-1 Monitoring Receiver: Monitoring mobility for presenters, directors and crew, in broadcast and film, in studio or on location.