Since 2009, Advertizoom has been creating traffic management and advertising software for television and advertising agencies.

The main work directions of our company are:

  • Increase operational efficiency and coherence between departments of Broadcast Release and Sales
  • Reducing cost of managing schedules and media planning
  • Development of new features, automation of advertising
  • Minimize risk of accidents on the air and downtime
  • Increase tv channels profitability

Our key principle of development is SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, allowing minimal cost of the products itself, its immediate delivery to the client, removing all client related costs: equipment, administration, IT specialists. And all advantages of SaaS: mobility, automatic software updates, security, scalability and reliability, easy configuration, customization, rental and economy.

In our work we use open source software and the most advanced systems development practices. We love Oracle Java, Linux and Google.

We offer the best price / quality solutions for any size television.