Myers’ ProTrack is a comprehensive broadcast management solution for media facilities that produce, acquire, monetize, and distribute content. As the core software platform for independent multimedia organizations, ProTrack seamlessly integrates with systems up and down the broadcast chain to drive workflows across Programming, Scheduling, Sales, Traffic, IT, Engineering, and Accounting departments.

ProTrack serves as the metadata epicenter for TV, radio and online content distributors - where vast amounts of content, its metadata, and associated contractual obligations are processed daily. Applying business rules for content usage and leveraging systems integration to automate redundant non-creative tasks, ProTrack enables users to efficiently manage, schedule, distribute, and repurpose media assets. Additional functionality highlights of the ProTrack System include:

  • End to end program management
  • Provides master schedules
  • Advanced formatting for programs & breaks
  • Manage sales contacts and contracts
  • Track sales inventory – encompassing reporting
  • Schedule and track spots
  • Produce invoices and affidavits
  • Integrate to automation

About Myers
Founded in 1982, Myers has been a pioneer in developing broadcast management software that keeps pace with the rapidly evolving media landscape. Myers’ extensive domain knowledge and systems integration expertise has served an integral part of developing a suite of software products and services that drive distribution workflows across multiple departments and systems. Media facilities, large or small, benefit from utilizing Myers by getting a scalable broadcast management solution that improves operational efficiency and profitability.

For more information contact Myers at 413.585.9820, e-mail [email protected]