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edelkrone is an innovation company mainly operating in the field of camera and DSLR rigs. Contrary to the generally accepted, complicating and difficult to use camera accessories, edelkrone is known and approved for its smartly designed, user-friendly, customer-oriented and innovative products.

edelkrone has introduced a wide range of product line and brought many innovative solutions to the industry; thereby paying attention to continous perfection in production. For the first time in the World, the company has introduced the double shoulder technology that enabled the cameras to be carried in a highly balanced position. Likewise in 2011, edelkrone has introduced the World’s Smallest DSLR Rig which became a cult in the industry and has been adapted by many filmmakers in a short time.

Superior Design, User Friendly Approach, Unmatched Built Quality, Affordable Fair Price. That’s who we are.