The roots of Sachtler lie in one industry professional making a piece of equipment to match his specific, individual requirements. From that beginning it has gone on to become a major designer and supplier of camera mounts, tripods and pedestals for film, television and video production.

In 1958, Wendelin Sachtler, described as a cameraman, actor and inventor, developed a tripod head that could be dampened by a gyroscopic system as well as performing the expected panning and tilting. The design of the gyro-head meant that pans could be made without the camera operator having to fight against the equipment gaining momentum, which made the operation smoother.

Other cameramen saw the use of this device and asked Sachtler to make versions for them. To satisfy demand he set up a small workshop in Munich-Schwabing, a northern district of the Bavarian capital. The company that grew out of Sachtler's inventiveness and bears his name has moved twice since those days and since 2004 has been based in Eching, near Munich. It employs 150 people internationally and has production facilities in Germany, Costa Rica and Britain, with retailers in over 140 countries.

Sachtler's current product range includes: fluid heads with a choice of compact and lightweight units for payloads from low to middle-weight; tripods, including the flat base for studio work and a wide variety of other from the Speed Lock 75mm to the SOOM TriSpread, SOOM TriPod, ENG 75.2 D HD, Ace 75/2 CF, the SOOM Tube, the 100mm Speed Lock CF HD and DA 100K; pedestals such as the Vario Ped 2-75, the CIII and broadcast products including the CI and Combi Ped 1-40; and a variety of camera stabilisers and rigs.