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Omnia Audio

Omnia Audio is the brainchild of Frank Foti, who used audio processing to enable radio stations to craft a unique ‘signature sound’ that was louder than anything else on the air, yet still sounded amazing with no distortion. This processing is at the core of Omnia, allowing stations to stand out among the competition on a crowded dial. Omnia has continued to innovate with leading-edge broadcast audio technology. In fact, Omnia is now the brand leader in audio processing, processing/encoding for streaming audio, voice processing, analysis tools, and studio audio processing. Its products are the choice of the majority of the top 100 rated stations in America. Omnia continues to push the envelope to give broadcasters the tools they need to perfect and customise sound signatures. Omnia is part of the Telos Alliance, inventors of AoIP for broadcast and champions of the AES67 standard through the Media Networking Alliance.