In the ever-developing cinematography, video and still photography markets, there has been increasing demand for high-performance, affordable lighting solutions. Aladdin has developed a patented break-through technology, called AMS LED Lite, which allows for unprecedented clean color, with a CRI rating of 95 and higher.

With Aladdin Lights you find a panel that is bi-color, high-output, ultra-flexible, portable, lightweight, with near perfect color that you can place just about anywhere and have it be water resistant.

Traveling and moving fast isn’t a problem anymore. You can work fast, quietly and operational for worldwide use. The panel is only 5mm thick and won’t take up any space you need for your other essential gear. Upgrade the aircraft aluminum dimmer with a battery plate for either V-lock or Gold Mount batteries and has DMX control. Get even more control with the optional accessories, like softbox, grid and snoot.

Having clean daylight or tungsten light is one thing, but having both in the same unit is quite another. Aladdin lights integrate daylight LEDs and tungsten LEDs so that they can throw pure daylight, pure tungsten light or a mixture of the two in precise variances. Customizing clean color temperature couldn't be simpler, faster or more economical.

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