RigWheels LLC

The RigWheels camera movement and mounting systems are designed and developed by industry professional Lance Lundstrom. Drawing on 20+ years of international production experience, RigWheels products are designed from a shooters prospective and focus an providing some key benefits.

  • Flexibility. First and foremost, we pack as many functions and options for configuration in to each piece of gear as we can. This makes RigWheels unique in the cluttered marketplace of single-purpose camera accessories. With our products when you purchase one item, you already have components for several other configurations. This allows customers to do more while carrying and paying less.
  • Affordability. We’re continually pushing to “thread the needle” balancing cost and design. When designing custom parts costs can easily get out of control and make the end product unaffordable for many people. We choose to produce affordable items and do so by innovating towards usability and thoughtful simplicity.
  • Usability. RigWheels started out as a product to build DIY sliders and dollies. We maintain that DNA in all of our design and allow customers to purchase components à la carte so they can imagine and create the system that best suits their needs. We purposely use common hardware and not proprietary bolts/screws/connectors to give users the most options for configuring and using parts in different ways. We also drill our connecting holes in sizes that are interchangeable with metric & imperial size hardware where possible.
  • Portability. Creator Lance Lundstrom has worked in more than 40 countries and every state in the U.S. This experience of remote production is reflected in the design and function for RigWheels tools. We want you to carry as many tools in the smallest amount of space possible. A slider, dolly or mount does you no good if it’s sitting in your garage.

We continue to add functionality and configurations to existing parts regularly. When you own something from RigWheels, you never know what it may be tomorrow!