We bring innovative solutions for tapeless video production, sports, and live broadcasting by focusing on maximum use of on-the-shelf components, scalable architecture, compatibility with widely used non-linear editing systems, and the ease of implementation into existing TV production structure.

Unique features of all our servers are: intuitive interface with built-in multiviewer; instant access to frequently used functions enabling search, clip creation and editing during replay; support of multichannel recording directly into most NLE file formats and wide range of options.

We first in the industry successfully introduced the broadcast server «Dominator», providing simultaneously 6 recording, 2 replay and search on all 6 channels.

Our 1U «Simple R» series of most compact SSD based replay servers provide 3, 4 or 6 recording channels, advanced replay management with automatic clip making and playlist creation.

The full size 4U «Blackjaсk» can record 12 channels in Full HD and its SD Proxy for non-linear editing using our DMR™ technology.

Our line of specialized systems for on-the-fly reviewing of questionable moments in sports videoReferee®, together with «vR-Cam» and wireless «GoalNet-Cam» cameras, provide easy to use HD solution for making more transparent and fair judging decisions.