Wohler Technologies, Inc.

Wohler’s tradition of innovation began more than 30 years ago with the creation of the industry’s first in-rack audio monitoring product, and it continues today through the company’s continued development of unique solutions that span the baseband, stream, and file-based domains and include advanced monitoring solutions for video, audio, and captioning applications; solutions for IP monitoring, encoding, and decoding; and the award-winning RadiantGrid™ platform for efficient file-based content transformation and distribution.

Together, these sophisticated yet cost-effective confidence monitoring and media transformation products ensure high-quality production across any platform and delivery to any device. They reflect Wohler’s unique technology portfolio, which the company has leveraged across a growing breadth of products and platforms to enable customers to realize ever-greater adaptability and scalability. Wohler has introduced greater agility across its internal engineering, account management, and support operations in order to help customers take full advantage of its products and solutions in reaching their technical and business objectives, even as the demands of the broadcast business continue to evolve.

Through all of these efforts, Wohler is progressively entering new markets and attracting new customers with diverse applications. The company’s latest product releases and updates reflect this work and illuminate Wohler’s rapid progression in supplying forward-looking monitoring and media processing solutions.

The flagship AMP2-E16V audio/video monitor, now available with an AVB option, is just one example of how Wohler has combined its popular and proven technologies with leading-edge capabilities to support its customers’ advance toward more flexible and efficient workflows. Likewise, the RadiantGrid-based WohlerGateway packaging and delivery solution and Cinnafilm Tachyon® Wormhole™ automated file-based retiming solution show the company’s commitment to providing smart, practical solutions for the unrelenting demands of a dynamic media marketplace.

Broadcasters have long relied upon Wohler to provide convenient and complete monitoring solutions, and today they are finding that the company’s forward-looking approach to product development has resulted in a product range that also offers capabilities essential to realizing efficient production and distribution of content across a growing array of platforms and services.