Technica Del Arte BV

Technica Del Arte BV

The creator of the revolutionary technology -  A series of live broadcast software applications, this innovative technology was first launched in at IBC in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Over the years we have gained a vast experience and technical knowledge in developing customized apps for broadcasters worldwide.

The strength of the LUCI technology by Technica Del Arte is that it is constantly further developed, tested and improved in close co-operation with world class broadcast manufacturers and last but not least professional journalists, technicians and producers from major national broadcast stations all over the world. LUCI can be customized, works on multi-platform and is compatible to various hardware like codecs, newsroom systems, broadcast media tools, studio software and sound cards.

LUCI enables journalists and radio stations to go live, record, edit and deliver studio-quality audio for their radio and TV stations all over the world, from anywhere in the world, using a mobile phone or laptop. Since 2004 numerous new features, versions and applications were added and will be added henceforth. Even a studio version is released for the receiving side to complete and enhance LUCI's portfolio.

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