Backbone Networks

Backbone Networks creates professional online broadcast stations and radio networks through our cloud-based infrastructure, production and automation software, syndication tools and streaming distribution. We take care of the technical part of broadcasting — making it easy for you to operate 24/7 using integrated radio automation, produce live remotes, stream to a worldwide audience, and automatically create listener logs and reports. You can simply focus on delivering your message and your content, using equipment as basic as “a Mac and a mic”.

In addition to building turnkey, commercial talk radio and sports stations, Backbone operates the largest network of college, university and high school student-run online radio stations (IBS Student Radio Network). Broadcasters get everything they need, including Backbone’s unique cloud-based broadcast and automation infrastructure, allowing easy content sharing among stations and “invisible delivery” of digital content from third-party syndicators.

Your Station Anywhere The broadcast-from-anywhere, live remote capability of Backbone’s infrastructure is what enables professional broadcasters to simplify their event-based Internet radio production.

What differentiates Backbone is our integration of all the tools necessary to run a powerful station while eliminating so much of the complexity and cost normally associated with broadcasting.