RTW GmbH & Co. KG

Over its 45 years in the audio metering and monitoring business RTW has adapted to the technological trends and demands of different times.

From the then prevalent peak meters of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, the company has reacted to the changing needs of broadcasters and moved into loudness quantification, with the TouchMonitor range of products conforming to the various international and national standards and offering a range of tools for the production of consistent levels in programme sound.

RTW was founded in 1965 as an audio equipment service provider but later became a developer of sound metering systems for broadcasting. The company's most successful product in its earlier days was the Peakmeter, which featured a gas plasma tube and was used widely in both radio and TV studios during the 1970s. Like other metering manufacturers, RTW has addressed the fundamental problem of relying solely on peak measurements - two soundtracks can measure the same but one can sound louder than the other due to compression or other factors - by producing devices that assess the average loudness of a signal to produce a normalised output that will not sound louder or quieter than other programme material.

The main product for this new way of measuring sound levels is the TouchMonitor range, a visual monitoring and metering system with touch screen operation and scaling user controls. The top-end TM7 and TM9 units were the results of long-term research and are designed to be modular and flexible while offering multi-channel signal analysis and intuitive control. As well as being sold as stand-alone devices, TouchScreens are supplied to a number of leading console manufacturers on an OEM basis to be built into broadcast desks. More recently RTW addressed the lower-cost market with the TM3, which is intended to be used by journalists in newsrooms and in edit suites and small control areas. The company also produces the SurroundControl system for monitoring, controlling and routing stereo, multichannel and surround audio.