Professional Sound Corp.

Founded with two simple goals in mind; firstly, to provide you, our customers, with unique, practical audio products and accessories that would enable you to do your demanding jobs easier and more efficiently. Secondly, to provide you with the best support in the industry. Twenty years later our goals remain the same. 

Professional Sound Corporation® is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional audio products for the film and video industries. Many of our product innovations originated from our customers' ideas based on their own field equipment requirements. We are continually developing new and more efficient products to add to our line. The products featured in our catalog cover virtually every aspect of production audio for film and video, including: audio mixers, boom poles, phone interfaces, RF antennas, microphones, microphone power supplies, distribution amplifiers, equipment carts, cables, and adapters.

In addition to our own line of products, Professional Sound Corporation® is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Koala Products for their line of microphone windshields. The next generation in Microphone Windshields. Designed by Sound Recordists for Sound Recordists.