With now 60 years of experience in FM radio and TV broadcast antenna systems, Kathrein stands out as a reliable partner in the field. Our strength lies in the custom solutions we offer for even the most difficult challenges, such as in handling special radiation characteristics or protecting against extreme iciness.

Kathrein is very well equipped to handle broadcast technologies such as DAB, DVB-T, DMB and DVB-H, involving itself right from the early stages of such technologies in the relevant working groups and platforms.

Kathrein not only offers top-quality components for broadcast systems, it also delivers all related services.

Components and services include:

  • Antenna systems
  • Feeder cables
  • Combiners
  • Patch panels
  • Glass fibre reinforced radomes
  • Steel spines
  • Installation and assembly accessories
  • Project planning
  • Site inspections
  • Commissioning