J.L. Fisher

J. L. Fisher makes a wide variety of cine-style camera support products and accessories. Products include booms, bases, dollies, peds and heads, jib arms and cross arms, dollys, scooter boards, fully articulated skateboard wheels, microphone hangars, rickshaw dollies, ladderpods and accessories.

J. L. Fisher’s Model 9 camera dolly is our largest camera Dolly. It is a stable, reliable camera platform with a variety of features and accessories. This Dolly is widely known for its use in television production and has provided the industry with a long history of reliable service.

The Model 10 camera dolly is recognized as the industry standard hydraulic lift dolly and our most popular. The Model 11 is our smallest Dolly. It shares the same controls and characteristics of the Model 10 Dolly and has a complete line of its own accessories. All dollies operate effortlessly on Square or Round Track.

The Model 7 Boom is a quiet, smooth and easy to use telescopic Microphone Boom with a variety of features and accessories that enable operators to position microphones in nearly any position. This Boom, originally designed for film production, is now used in both film and television production. The Model 2 is our smallest Microphone Boom.

The Model 20, 21 and 22 Jib Arms can be used on all J.L. Fisher Camera Dollies. The Model 23 can be used on the Model 9 and 10 Camera Dollies with a Center Mount. They are smooth, quiet and easy to set up.

Crossarms add a third axis to any J. L. Fisher Jib Arm or use as an adjustable, balanced offset.