Front Porch Digital

Front Porch Digital is the global leader in solutions for migrating, managing, and monetizing media content. Operating on site and in the cloud, the company's purpose-built software employs the latest technologies to deliver truly flexible and scalable media workflows.

Our solutions appropriately manage large and complex media files and workflows while ensuring optimal performance and utmost security.

Front Porch Digital remains an innovator in digital migration and Content Storage Management technology. The company was the first to introduce what are now mission-critical functions within many broadcast operations such as dynamic allocation of resources, timecode-based partial restore, integrated transcoding in the archive workflow, and application filtering. It is also the first company to introduce a fully automated solution for the digital migration of video tape.

The Front Porch Digital mission is to partner with the world’s best; defining the global standard for preservation, access and management of digital content, anywhere, any place, any time and in any format.

Front Porch Digital offers industry leading services for migrating, managing and marketing your archive data. SAMMAprep is the essential first step that begins the media migration of videotape content. SAM MacLean is crucial step that helps to ensure the successful encoding of media (even with tapes of unknown origin). SAMMAsolo HD/SD is a patented media migration process designed to provide archive quality migration of videotape content to multiple file formats in one single pass. SAMMArobot – An automated resource that cuts labor and ensures the highest quality control.

DIVASolutions bridge the gap between the proprietary applications in your process and data archives to create a cohesive content storage management solution that ensures smart storage and easy asset access.

DIVArchive is Enterprise-class, secure data preservation that empowers you to realize maximum content monetization by streamlining media asset management and simultaneous multi-format distribution.

DIVAdirector is your window into DIVArchive. DIVAdirector is an operator-friendly GUI to archives, assets and the applications you incorporate into your workflow from any desktop.

DIVApublish mpx is a powerhouse streamlined (OVP) online video platform for publishing and multi-channel content monetization. DIVApublish mpx streamlines content distribution to myriad locations, in multiple formats, to every Internet-connected device while maximizing marketing results. There are also a number of DIVA add-ons.

The company also has LYNX , an integrated cloud storage solution for managing assets on a global scale, from any device and any networked location. LYNXcloud is hosted solution offering the industry’s only media-grade, private cloud deployment. The heart of LYNX, LYNXcloud leverages Tier III compliant, globally distributed data centers. LYNXlocal is a client-side gateway to private, public, or hybrid cloud configurations.