Convergent Design

Convergent Design makes stand-alone digital recorder/players.

Athena is the first standalone, tapeless player/recorder deck capable of 4K/UHD 60p, 2K/HD 60p, and Multi-Stream (even in 4K). An industry first is the ability to record/play four HD video streams along with 64 channels of MADI audio. It can be used as a production facility tape deck replacement; a driver for multi-screen video walls; the heart of an interactive multi-panel display for education, entertainment or point-of-sale, a concert or live event multi-camera recorder, and even a system to stream footage live from set back to post or load material remotely.

Athena’s functions are hardware-based for high efficiency and reliability; it’s not a “PC in a box”. The easy to use playback system allows one to load Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD or DPX files straight from a computer onto an SSD and play on Athena, or load them directly onto an SSD mounted in Athena via Gigabit Ethernet (Gig-E). Recording is equally versatile and straightforward. The efficient design fits in a 1U, Half-Rack space; has a front panel featuring an LCD display for status info and confidence monitoring, a 2.5” SSD slot (up to 2GB current spec) and deck controls; and can operate 24/7 continuously with a low power draw. The auto-start/auto-recovery mode means Athena can start up in seconds and begin or resume operations should power be interrupted.

The company also sells Odyssey7 monitor and compressed recorder. The Odyssey7Q combines Convergent Design's knowledge and experience of both broadcast and cinematography recorders, while adding the capabilities of a high-end professional monitor. The Odyssey7Q adds two bi-directional SDI’s (2-In, 2-I/O, 2-Out), enabling a [email protected] option.

Odyssey7Q is a brilliant 7.7" OLED monitor with 3400:1 contrast, true blacks, 1280x800 resolution and comprehensive monitoring tools.Compressed and Uncompressed recording is included in the Odyssey7Q and requires Convergent Design SSD Media for capture. Odyssey7Q can be upgraded with Options, including ARRIRAW, Canon C500 4K Raw, Sony FS700 Raw; Multi-Stream HD and 2K Raw are available.