Broadcast Pix

Broadcast Pix is a leader in integrated production switchers, with customers in more than 110 countries. Founded in 2002, the company makes integrated production switchers in several configurations, from compact systems with end-to-end integration to large-scale systems for high-end live productions.

Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers can ingest multiple cameras, anything from your PC or Mac including Skype and Powerpoint, a flow of files from anywhere in your studio, cloud-based content, plus Twitter, RSS feeds and date. At the heart of each system is a powerful video switcher with integrated Inscriber CG and dual clip stores. Other integrated production features include file-based macros, ClearKey chromakeyer, external control software (of cameras and other studio devices), customizable multi-view and virtual sets with patented control options. These options allow you to choose your ideal control surface, from touch-screens and iPad apps to our line of professional control panels that feature the unique PixButton. Our flexibility allows you to customize your production environment and gracefully add operators when needed.

Integrated Delivery provides multi-formats with patented lip-sync protection, some systems stream and internally record even at the same time or provide up to 3 screens. Broadcast Pix’ integrated production switcher family includes Flint, Mica and Granite.

Broadcast Pix also offers ReVue next generation slow motion systems, fX3D real-time 3D graphics, Rapid CG dynamic graphic playout software, and VOX voice-automated live video production, each designed to enhance our highly integrated live production switchers.

Customers include leading broadcast, corporate, education, government, religious, sports, streaming, and visual radio studios.