Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro

Founded by a group of avid digital filmmakers whose desire to produce high quality movie images without access to huge budgets led them to start Redrock Micro: a company committed to the express purpose of bringing cinema-quality accessories to market at revolutionary prices. We believe in - and - enable the privelege of personal ownership of production equipment

Redrock Micro designs and sells a line of high quality cinema accessories for independent filmmakers, film educators and students, and budget-conscious moviemakers. Our flagship product is the award-winning M2 Encore cinema lens adapter, which allows DV and HD/V cameras to use 35mm cinema lenses to radically improve the quality of recorded images. The M2 brings the quality and technology of high-end solutions at a fraction of the price. We have subsequently released the microFollowFocus, microPod, microLensSupport, and other high quality, low cost cinema accessories. In 2008 Redrock Micro unveiled the world's first cinema rig for video DSLRs such as the Canon 5D MKII and Canon 7D. Redrock continues to evolve our products to meet the fast-changing needs of today's ultra mobile, budget-conscious filmmakers.

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