The company provides camera tracking hardware, software and integration for real-time augmented reality and virtual studio broadcasting. Our flagship product, the Stype kit (system for tracking the camera position in 3D space), is currently being used by industry’s leading edge broadcasters such as Fox Sports Australia, the BBC, Sky, Viasat Sport and many others. StypeGRIP is able to provide turnkey solutions for clients looking to spice up their broadcasts with real-time 3D graphics, sports analysis and much more!

Stype kit is a hardware add-on for Stanton Jimmy jib (camera crane). It determines the positional data of the camera in 3D space. Positional data includes PAN/TILT/ROLL of the head, FOCUS&ZOOM from the camera and PAN/TILT of the camera crane’s arm. You can put the crane on a dolly and then move it along the rails and receive this positional data as well. All this positional data is then sent in realtime to a render engine of choice (such as Vizrt, Orad, custom engines...). Having this positional data we can now create accurate virtual studios and augmented reality sets. Bonus feature of the Stype kit is its automatic aiming and focusing option. Crane operators can choose to work in full automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode. This means that operator can “lock” the target in the scene and move the camera crane while camera stays focused on the target at all time. 

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