Since 1970, Anton/Bauer has strived to innovate and produce premium mobile power solutions for the discriminating professional. The company continues that tradition in the professional broadcast/film/video and healthcare industries. The company was named for its founders, Anton Wilson and George Bauer who were engineering students at Cornell University in the early 1960s.

Wilson was a broadcast cameraman himself. He understood the real-world challenges and frustrations crews encountered daily, and set out to develop technologies and products to empower users. Together with a team of engineers – one of whom still works at Anton/Bauer – the company holds a list of patents for battery technology.

Milestones in technology have included the first flexible mounting system, the Gold Mount;an InterActive charging system; and viewfinder fuel-gauge technology.

Although Wilson and Bauer sold the company to the UK-based Vitec Group in 1997, the company continues to carry on its founders’ vision, adding new products and technologies along the way.

Anton/Bauer attributes much of its success to the combination of its long-term relationships with both customers and industry experts, and proven track record of research and development in high-quality technologies. Together, these factors allow Anton/Bauer to respond to the needs of the marketplace and to deliver thorough solutions.

The company also attributes its success to its relationships with the high-quality cell manufacturers from whom it purchases premium cells, already tested and matched for balance, to ensure longer life. These cells may be more expensive but Anton/Bauer insists on top quality, seeking out precision tooling, housings designed to mitigate impact, on-board electronics with quality components and sophisticated software. Working closely with leading cell manufacturers also allows Anton/Bauer to explore the new chemistries constantly being introduced.

Products include batteries, chargers, cine batteries and accessories specifically designed for digital video and electronic field production equipment, It also makesUltralight lighting, battery Gold mounts and various accessories for the digital video and film production industries.