Imagine Products, Inc.

For over 20 years Imagine Products Inc. has specialized in workflow applications for film and media professionals and beginners alike. ShotPut Pro™ is one of our most popular applications. ShotPut Pro is the industry’s de-facto standard for offloading that uses checksum technology to ensure your media is securely copied to one or more locations. With the success of ShotPut Pro we created an equally powerful LTO tape archiving application. PreRoll Post™ takes advantage of the Linear Tape File System to ensure archives are created in the most stable environment possible. The latest addition to the Imagine Products suite is our new and improved HD video player. HD-VU2™ can instantly view any camera originals in their native format, including frame-based volumes like RAW or DPX! That means no transcoding and no wait! This application will change on-set shooting forever. HD-VU2 also syncs audio tracks from multiple devices and has the option to do temporarily colour correction on the fly.