Allen Avionics, Inc

ALLEN AVIONICS, INC. is one of Americas leading manufacturers of Passive Electronic Components. We are offering a FREE CD Catalog showing their complete line of products and services. This CD catalog includes Allen Avionics Precision LC Filters of all types from 20 Hz to 26.5GHz and Electromagnetic Delay Lines.

Many of their products have become standards in the industry. Allen Avionics can also solve your custom requirements with their experience gained in almost 50 years of manufacturing. Other products include Diplexers, General Purpose Delay Lines, Digital Delay Lines, Video Delay Lines and Filters for NTSC and PAL, Attenuators, Amplitude and Phase Equalizers, Audio and Video Isolation Transformers, Hum Eliminators, Networks and Electronic Timing Products (adjustable and fixed). The Allen Avionics engineering and sales staff are available to answer any questions or help you design a component to meet your needs.