Munich-based Cinegy began development work on its Workflow software platform over 10 years ago. The aim was to produce an integrated digital archive, asset management and production environment based on desktop PC hardware for the front-end, supported by standard IT server equipment, all of which would connect to existing network infrastructures. This approach forms the basis of today's Cinegy Workflow, which was piloted during 2001 and launched commercially in 2002.

The Cinegy platform is an enterprise level system that is resolution independent, storage systems agnostic, extremely scalable and open in terms of architecture. Since the appearance of the original system other components have been added for news integration, broadcast automation and playout.

To meet the demands of the broadcast market Cinegy has developed high-end software MPEG codecs, scalable media asset management systems and collaborative software frameworks, advanced real-time media engines, real-time collaborative metadata handling and communication production integration (AAF, IMX, DV, MXF, XML) among other elements.

The asset management component is powered by a SQL database, which offers full collaboration and team working over the production chain that the company claims is more than just shared storage. The digital asset management platform moves physical storage to virtual storage and provides load balancing, different storage classes, storage migration, HSM (hardware security module) integration and user access rights policies.