Rift Labs

Rift Labs

Norway-based Rift Labs designs and manufactures lights for photographers and video makers, and looks to make lighting gear better and more flexible using new materials and advanced electronics. The company’s first product is the KICK photo- & video light.

KICK is a small and lightweight led light, and features manual brightness and colour temperature controls, with white light continuously adjustable from warm to cool (2500 to 10000 Kelvin). The free iOS or Android app adds full colour control (all colours!), animated lighting effects and light sampling features.

KICK works with any camera device, smartphones, DSLR camera, compact cameras, video and more. For maximum flexibility, the KICK can be mounted on a tripod or used as a handheld device, and either individual or multiple KICKs can be connected via WIFI to create greater visual control and impact.

KICK can be used for various purposes: Film-making, wedding photography, light painting and macro photography - to mention a few.

The KICK is designed and developed in Norway and manufactured in the EU. 

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