Rogers multi-million dollar look for multi-billion dollar hockey

Having spent $5.2 billion to secure the exclusive National Hockey League rights for the next 12 years Canadian broadcaster Rogers Sportsnet could hardly stint on its presentation. The new Hockey Central Studio located on the 10th-floor at CBC in Toronto, gives Rogers a fresh set of studio visuals costing $4.5m and centred on Orad technology. Scott Moore, president of Sportsnet and NHL, Rogers Media, has called it the most expensive studio he’s ever had the chance to construct.

The 11,000 square foot, 360-degree space permits up to three live broadcasts to be shot for three or more networks simultaneously. It features Orad’s HDVG4 render engine, providing video wall processing, real-time 3D graphics, multiple video server channels and still store, all in one box. Orad’s live production automation software TD Control integrates the system including 3D animations and graphics, live data integration and various video and display wall prep and presentation into a single operation.

Specifically, it features an LED floor that shows game videos and graphics, and a main stage with a 3.3m x 11.6m ultra high-resolution monitor composed of 170 panels. It is apparently nicknamed 'Goliath' by the crew.

Rogers Sportsnet new set for NHL programming

Rogers Sportsnet new set for NHL programming

The installation, systems integrated by Applied Electronics, also includes an interactive 'Puck Wall' with 30 puck-sized slots, one for each NHL team. When a team’s puck is placed in the slot, it triggers that team’s statistics on a large touchscreen monitor. When an analyst wants to discuss a certain team, they pluck the club’s puck from the wall and place it in a circular holster, attached to a computer.

Orad’s TD Control orchestrates distribution of content to these and the studio’s other non-standard display surfaces.

The studio designs were done by Jack Morton PDG, the U.S.-based company that designed Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium sets for both Vancouver 2010 and London 2012.

Rogers' deal is for national TV and digital/internet rights for all regular season and playoff games this season includes 554 live game coverage and flagship show Hockey Night in Canada.

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