Access To Highlight NetFront Browser And Twine Media Package at Angacom

Multiscreen and mobile software provider Access is aiming to exploit the OTT streaming boom to promote its two main product families at Angacom in Cologne, Germany.

The NetFront browser range is positioned as a common HTML5-based platform, serving smartphones, tablets, Set Top Boxes and connected TVs. This includes the WebKit-based NetFront Browser NX and Chromium-based NetFront Browser BE, both available for the hybrid HbbTV platform as well as Linux and Android.

Secondly, the firm will be presenting its Twine media package for re-distribution, usage data generation, content aggregation, aggregated search and place shifting. Twine incorporates end-to-end security with Conditional Access and multiple DRMs pre-integrated. Access has partnered with revenue security specialist Verimatrix to strengthen content security by integrating the latter’s VCAS and ViewRight products into Twine.

With Twine, Access has focused on harmonization of the user experience across multiple screens and also on monetization. There is support for ad targeting through banners, pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post rolls. It also supports third party OTT services, including VoD offerings, which can be integrated and placed within the User Interface.

Among customers for the combined Twine and NetFront package is Indian fixed and mobile service provider Reliance Jio Infocomm, which has recently deployed it for multiscreen services provided to 100 million subscribers across the sub-continent. Functions provided include playing and sharing content saved in subscribers’ Jio Drive cloud service, along with ability to watch content from Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube and access social media content via the Jio User Interface.

The service is complemented by private and shared access to subscribers’ Jio Share cloud service, which enables syncing with personal recorded libraries stored online, as well as secure access to friends and family.

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