Newsroom Automation is Key to News 12 Success

Serving the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the Hyper-local news network News 12 has upgraded its entire news content production workflow across its seven channels—as well as its websites and mobile applications—to a software-based, fully automated production platform from Grass Valley. The Ignite software allows a single operator to run an entire newscast and make changes to individual stories quickly and efficiently, which in turn enables news content to get to air faster.

Producing content for a 24/7 news operation requires the flexible management and execution of a myriad of moving pieces, which all come together to create a newscast. The key News 12’s 30-year success has been the implementation of Grass Valley’s incrementally updated automation solutions that help maximize its operation and improve efficiency.

Milan Krainchich, Vice president of operations at News 12 Networks, said the Ignite system is used daily for editing live newscasts but can break away from the system for breaking news content. The Grass Valley Ignite platform allows staff members to create and store show settings for easy set up between shows/newscasts.

As part of the upgrade, one of the New 12 control rooms now has a Grass Valley K-Frame video production switcher, which provides on-air effects/transitions. Program elements stored on the Ignite system are accessible from the K-Frame switcher, providing a direct link between the control room and the newsroom. This allows a single operator to manage control room devices used to produce live newscasts and event programming, making it possible to control on-air timing, accommodate last-minute show changes and direct any type of production on the fly. It also makes it easier to repurpose content for digital multicasting and webcasts, increasing overall production value.

The Grass Valley Ignite dashboard allows director’s at News 12’s various locations to orchestrate the newscast and all of its audio and video elements from a single keyboard.

The Grass Valley Ignite dashboard allows director’s at News 12’s various locations to orchestrate the newscast and all of its audio and video elements from a single keyboard.

News 12 production staff use Ignite to control six cameras in its studio connected through the Kayenne K-Frame switcher. The integrated approach was an important consideration in the upgrade, and the Ignite Katalyst control panel is a critical and unique component of the workflow. An essential component for unscripted and breaking news productions, the purpose-built tactile surface of the Katalyst panel enables directors to produce compelling live productions with Ignite. Another important new component is the newsroom control system Media Object Portal (MOP) Gateway. This product provides visibility from Ignite into the control system, detailing changes in the rundown and where those changes are. The director is also alerted on his interface screen if there are conflicts that require attention.

Krainchich said another big benefit is that the Ignite brings together News 12’s ENPS newsroom computer system and a number of other elements under one overall interface, streamlining production decisions and getting news to air faster.

“We appreciate having choices over control surfaces while being able to operate the system on air with a standard keyboard or with the Katalyst dedicated control panel,” Krainchich said, “but not requiring a full switcher control panel and audio mixing console. It’s the right solution for us.”

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