One Stop Systems Introduces the FSAe-4 with Mangstor MX6300 NVMe SSDs

At IBC 2016, One Stop Systems introduced the 4U Flash Storage Array with Mangstor MX6300 NVMe SSDs.

One Stop Systems’ OSS' FSAe-4 can accommodate 32 of the MX6300 providing up to 172TB of shared Flash storage. The FSAe-4 is a fully redundant, hot serviceable configuration with 4 independent 1U servers attached to the PCIe expansion chassis. The expansion system can support Ethernet (RoCE) or Infiniband fabrics and network speeds up to 100Gb/s.

Mangstor MX6300

Mangstor MX6300

The 8U solution, with four servers attached to the FSAe-4 chassis provides a total I/O bandwidth of over 40GB/s for allmixes of reads and writes. Measurements performed in Mangstor labs using the 2016 Technical Preview of Storage Spaces Direct demonstrated total bandwidth of 45GB/s Random Read, 44GB/s Random Write and 42GB/s mixed Random Read/Write.

The FSAe-4 with Mangstor MX6300 SSDs provides 172TB of very fast and powerful PCIe NVMe flash storage, making it the ideal platform for high-speed data recording and processing for a variety of HPC applications.

The MX6300 NVMe-based SSDs are available in 2.7TB and 5.4TB useable capacities packaged in a half-height/half-length (HHHL) PCIe add-in-card format using enterprise Multi-Level Cell (eMLC) NAND flash. With industry-leading performance, this solution is driven by Mangstor's innovative offload architecture using a highly efficient 100-core processor. The processor, located on the SSD, offloads all flash management and workload acceleration operations to the SSD reducing system power while freeing host resources for application processing. 

"The combination of Mangstor's industry leading NVMe flash storage technology inside of the OSS platform provides our customers with a fully redundant, highly serviceable solution that brings unprecedented performance to customer applications. In addition to being a great solution for NVMe over Fabric storage, the platform is in active customer testing as a Windows Storage Spaces server where its significant increase in performance per server reduces application licensing and hardware acquisition costs.”
— Ashwin Kamath, SVP Engineering, Mangstor

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